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Ticks, Mosquitoes & Black Flies

As spring starts we are tick aware and prepared (although, we've yet to see a tick or tick bite on any of the children). Long pants, light colours, hats and insect repellent should be worn. Parents should give their child a body check and give their clothing an inspection and a shake at the end of each day.  


The mosquitoes usually arrive around mid-late June, and black flies by the creek shortly after. Black fly bites look like small bleeding, bright pink spots, usually found at the base of the hairline around the back of the head. We apply insect repellent with special attention to the nape of the neck area to prevent bites. If a child is bitten by a black fly, we clean the wound and parents should watch for signs of infection and apply anti itch cream as needed. 

Insect Repellant

Parents are welcome to use any preferred insect repellent. For those looking for a brand suggestion we like;


Care Plus Anti-Insect 20% Icaridin Spray & Piactive

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