Nature Play

Sarah's dayhome is legal and privately operated. For her standards, policies & procedures, click below.

Jess follows the Alberta Family Dayhome Standards Manual. For the manual, click below.

In addition to the compliance of safety and operational procedures and standards as outlined in the manuals above, Jess and Sarah have a duty of care with specific regard to safety on outings and outdoor adventures.

Risk Assessments

Both facilitators complete a Risk Benefit Assessment for all activities for parents to review and sign acknowledging the risks and hazards associated with our everyday play. Risk assessments are reviewed regularly.

Additional safety on outings:

  • High visibility safety vests are worn on our adventures
  • Each child has been equipped with their own Adventure Backpacks that are comfortable, child sized with sternum straps. Packed with snacks, water, and additional supplies
  • Each adult carries their own pack with portable emergency records for all children, cell,  well stocked First Aid kit, additional weather appropriate clothing for children, snack, water, whistle, goose call the children return to and additional supplies
  • Crossing buddies as we cross the street with an educator leading the group and an educator following behind the group
  • We discuss our team principles 1. Respect for each other 2. Respect for ourselves 3. Respect for nature and our expectations before we leave the yard